Post-Doctoral research positions in the Centre for Bioprocess Engineering Research (CeBER) at the University of Cape Town

The Centre for Bioprocess Engineering Research (CeBER) is looking for dynamic and motivated candidates to join a diverse team, working across a range of disciplines in the field of bioprocess engineering. The Centre is headed by Professor Sue Harrison, who holds the South African Research Chair in Bioprocess Engineering. Major research areas include mineral bioleaching, algal biotechnology, fermentation technology, new bioproduct development, renewable energy, bioremediation, environmental biotechnology and sustainable bioprocesses. The Centre promotes an interdisciplinary approach, combining aspect of engineering, pure science, molecular biology and modelling and simulations.

Suitable candidates must have obtained, or shortly expect to obtain, a Ph.D. in chemical engineering, chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry or related disciplines. Where candidates have obtained a Ph.D., it must have been within the last five years. The Centre encourages post-docs to become involved in project development and the supervision of post-graduate students, providing excellent skills development and mentorship opportunities for researchers intending to pursue an academic or research career.

To apply, candidates are invited to send a CV, including research experience, a list of research outputs and the contact details of two appropriate referees by e-mail to Ms Candice Mazzolini at / . More information about CeBER, as well as the contact details of the academic staff members, is available on the Centre’s webpage (

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