IMWA Congress – Aachen, Germany – September 2011

The International Mine Water Association organises a congress every three years. This year, the congress will be held in Aachen, Germany between the 4th and 11th September.

The following topics will be covered, in what shoudl be a very interesting meeting:

1. Water issues in open pit mining

2. Water issues in underground mining

3. Recharging aquifers

4. Mines and geothermal energy

5. Water issues in coalbed methane, coal gasification and underground carbon dioxide storage

6. Water issues in tight gas production

7. Flow and transport modelling

8. Acid mine drainage – processes and treatment

9. Ecology and chemistry of pit lakes

10. Water issues in abandoned mines

11. Mine water and legal aspects


Unfortunately I won’t be there, but I’ll try and get a report up soon after. In the meantime, check here for further details.

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